Cad Cam Development

Open source engineering communities.

Grabcad is CAD file online library. It remains some open source engineering communities. Grabcad is great project, with some undiscovered potential. This post presents some aspects of problems within engineering communities, developing engineering products using CAD software and Grabcad.


Bernstein polynomial basis Evaluation

The post contains a brief description of computing Bernstein polygonal basis using C# I have implemented. Recursive, Horner like scheme and fast DeCasteljau algorithm of Bernstein polynomial evaluation has been published.

Three questions to Toshiko Mori. What stimulus perform on architecture? What are the main architectural challenges?

This post is a transcript from Dassault Systèmes blog entry. Dessault has deleted it for unknown reason. Fortunately I had this in my rss so I could copy it for you. Toshiko Mori explains the contemporary stimulus that are driving the architectural development. Globalisation and high demand on food access/living activities for thousands of people that are city inhabitants is the major factor that drives the architectural development so specifically as we see it today? Read a post because it’s interesting.

One year of blogging. Happy Birthday! celebrates first anniversary of regular blogging. Some remarks are inside a post.

CAE and river dam

Post shows the computations that are needed in order to provide simple mathematical model while computing river dam. The computations can be used to verify the geometry (construction of river dam) in face of stresses and distortions so that the construction could be verified against natural construction conditions in pre-building simulation step.

Developing avionics! Windows Embedded System

Together with my friend I am developing avionics device for windows emdedded system CE 6.0. Read a post to get more info.

Pathfinder – part 2. My results

A resume of hard work of completing very nice pathfinder project has been published. Pathfinder in 2C has been completed and some results presented to readers. Post contains description of my project’s properties with explanatory videos and images.

Submarine’s propellers and CAD/CAM in military shipbuilding

The posts presents my reflection about aspects of CAM, error compensation and materials. The example of submarine propellers is quite reasonable in it and facilitates following of article. Submarines are one of the most important weapon and therefore it’s worth reading about them. Some recent submarine disasters have been mentioned to show that we still have to develop our CAM tools and materials in order to produce better products.

Fourier Transform and its applications

The post presents selected applications of Fourier Transform with a short description. Telecommunication, automotive industry, medical industry, general IT, physical, geological, mechanical and military applications have been explained. The Powerpoint slides from the talk about guide on FFT numerical methods I gave at my university is available for download.

How to integrate 3D Studio with Nvidia PhysX?

This post presents a description on how to integrate 3D Studio work with PhysX. There question on how to load a mesh created in 3D studio and apply it to PhysX has been widely set on various forums. As a result a simple OpenGL PhysX mesh browser has been created. Explanatory video and images have been published.