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Bernstein polynomial basis Evaluation

The post contains a brief description of computing Bernstein polygonal basis using C# I have implemented. Recursive, Horner like scheme and fast DeCasteljau algorithm of Bernstein polynomial evaluation has been published.


Pathfinder – part 2. My results

A resume of hard work of completing very nice pathfinder project has been published. Pathfinder in 2C has been completed and some results presented to readers. Post contains description of my project’s properties with explanatory videos and images.

Piston animation using Hamiltonian mechanics

This post presents piston move animation according to Hamilton mechanics with full real-life physics support solved using C# and WPF. An in-depth derivation of motion equation has been published to help understanding of Hamiliton mechanics. This is tutorial is helpful start-on in various mechanical simulation. Full source code, executable and explanatory pictures are downloadable. As a result easy to use educational animation has been produced that facilitates understanding of piston work and movement.

Unmanaged C++ OpenGL Drawing and C# (WinForms/WPF) interoperability

This post describes how to execute unmanaged C++ OpenGL drawing on windows forms and WPF to achieve very fast and reliable graphics rendering over stunning GUI done in WPF or Windows Forms. There other tasks that use this kind of cross-platform rendering like digitall sculpturing programs, CUDA simulations which requires speed, sophisticated graphics performance or special usage of special technology like CUDA and nice UI that would allow for controlling the process that is going in behind. So it’s important to know how to combine those technologies and really worth doing! Two solutions to this problem have been meticulously described and discussed.

When two strings are equal on Windows

Despite the fact that we’re writing in C#/.NET and it seems to be quite easy or just program some wchar_t * operations on win32 API we must know how to properly handle strings management and string comparisons. Badly written code will expose our application for unwilling exploits and crushes or will not work at all if we sell it to another country. This post explains how to correctly handle string comparisons and conversions between various of formats which is not obvious and what mechanism are staying behind Windows UNICODE string management