Cad Cam Development

How to integrate 3D Studio with Nvidia PhysX?

This post presents a description on how to integrate 3D Studio work with PhysX. There question on how to load a mesh created in 3D studio and apply it to PhysX has been widely set on various forums. As a result a simple OpenGL PhysX mesh browser has been created. Explanatory video and images have been published.


How to get properties of points in NX Open

I received an ask for a help to get the properties of a points. The post explains how to get properties of NX points objects and work with them. The post presents a real world CFD problem with a solution.

How to retrieve user selected curve’s point coordinates using C and NX Open

The post show how to retrieve programatically the user selected curve’s point coordinates. A very simple NX GUI has been provided. An short introductory video that shows the result of NX customization code has been published. Source code has been included.

13 steps to perform CSG Tree Raycasting

There are numerous examples of normal ray casting. Almost everyone has heard about CSG. Each computer graphics book has printed a csg ray traced image. Performing Constructive Solid Geometrical operations is crucial in CAD/CAM and almost in every computer graphics application. I’m going to explain you some main ideas on csg ray casting that will help you to develop your own code. The article covers only implicit representation of surfaces does not present any knowledge about parametrical. Source code is included.

Unmanaged C++ OpenGL Drawing and C# (WinForms/WPF) interoperability

This post describes how to execute unmanaged C++ OpenGL drawing on windows forms and WPF to achieve very fast and reliable graphics rendering over stunning GUI done in WPF or Windows Forms. There other tasks that use this kind of cross-platform rendering like digitall sculpturing programs, CUDA simulations which requires speed, sophisticated graphics performance or special usage of special technology like CUDA and nice UI that would allow for controlling the process that is going in behind. So it’s important to know how to combine those technologies and really worth doing! Two solutions to this problem have been meticulously described and discussed.

When two strings are equal on Windows

Despite the fact that we’re writing in C#/.NET and it seems to be quite easy or just program some wchar_t * operations on win32 API we must know how to properly handle strings management and string comparisons. Badly written code will expose our application for unwilling exploits and crushes or will not work at all if we sell it to another country. This post explains how to correctly handle string comparisons and conversions between various of formats which is not obvious and what mechanism are staying behind Windows UNICODE string management

It’s easy to create second CEREC like dental milling machine

Together with my collegues I study with, I had to program a dental milling machine like those from CEREC. This was our task the teacher asked for. So at first it seemed as a very hard work and almost impossible to complete but in fact it wasn’t as bad as it seemed to be. The most mathematical part of this process – the conversion between teeth coordinates and milling machines coordinates is shown in this post.

Debugging memory leaks in VS C++

Short method for C/C++ unmanaged memory leaks detection has been presented that is easy to implement in C/C++ and Visual Studio

Step by step NX Open C++ Introduction

This post shows you how to create a step by step introduction to C++ NX Open DLL that creates a cylinder and adds it to a scene