Cad Cam Development

One year of blogging. Happy Birthday!

I have started my blog in May 2010. It is about a year right now. During this time I had  7150 visitors and 25 posts from all over the world. That’s nice to see you coming from Europe, Northern America, Southern America (Brasil, Columbia), Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, United Arabic Emirates, India Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malysia, South Korea, NIUE (that was interesting country) or Australia. There are about 10 post in drafts folder so sooner or later I’ll finish them up and publish. Some of them are really intersting like about Titanic and CAD/CAM in shipbuilding industry. So please be patient and watch out. Thank you for emails you send me, and commiting comments. Blog helps me studying, developing my interests and so far has greatly facilitated mine introduction into professional career because it forced me to read about industrial companies news etc. Very nice experience and you’re welcomed to contribute and I’ll try to help you.

Where readers come from.


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  1. * vdms says:

    Thank you so much your experiences !

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 5 months ago

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