Cad Cam Development

How to get properties of points in NX Open

I received an ask for a help to get the properties of a points. The post explains how to get properties of NX points objects and work with them. The post presents a real world CFD problem with a solution.


How to retrieve user selected curve’s point coordinates using C and NX Open

The post show how to retrieve programatically the user selected curve’s point coordinates. A very simple NX GUI has been provided. An short introductory video that shows the result of NX customization code has been published. Source code has been included.

Basic 3C UGS NX CAM tutorial

The article displays the process of creating basic 3C CNC paths and milling with some comments.

Step by step NX Open C++ Introduction

This post shows you how to create a step by step introduction to C++ NX Open DLL that creates a cylinder and adds it to a scene