Cad Cam Development

How to integrate 3D Studio with Nvidia PhysX?

This post presents a description on how to integrate 3D Studio work with PhysX. There question on how to load a mesh created in 3D studio and apply it to PhysX has been widely set on various forums. As a result a simple OpenGL PhysX mesh browser has been created. Explanatory video and images have been published.


Numerical Methods for solving globally convergent nonlinear polynomial system of equations. Pathfinder part 1

There are many applications to solving a set of nonlinear system of equations problem in biology, economics, physics, engineering, geometry (intersection of surfaces) and of course mathematics and we have not found a numerical methods for solving it yet. Because of the existence of several roots, and that these usually are dispersed to unknown positions in N-dimensional space, efficient numerical methods are hard to develop. This posts presents three basics approach in solving this kind of problems and contains one simple example of kinematic chain that is helpful in general understanding of the main problem.

Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Digital Image Processing – book review

The post presents review of book “Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Digital Image Processing” by Junichiro Toriwaki and Hiroyuki Yoshida I’ve prepared for my talk at my university. I have read this book and the review is part of report that is possible to read on my blog. Depsite the post doesn’t present the pure CAD/CAM content the 3D imaging has many application, I decided to publish it here and spend some time on reading this book. It’s a very interesting domain of knowledge and for sure 3D digital image processing is very important task with much more applications than in medicine.

3D Image processing. Report and Power Point presentation that describes the basics of 3D medical images

This post presents auxiliary materials to the talk I gave at my university about processing of 3D medical images. The rapid development of medical devices allowed for processing its results digitally. I am discussing the basic problems of image digitization and the process of creating 3D image. An survey about data structures and algorithms that plays major role in medical imaging has been published. The power point presentation, videos, and full text of report is available for downloading. It’s based on Fundamentals of Three-dimensional Digital Image Processing book by Springer.