Cad Cam Development

NANO CAD CAM industry and its future

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IBM published some results of their nano technology achievments. Last year (2009) they had 20th anniversary of first successful atom nano work done by Dr. Donald M. Eigler (see more at here and below ) and now they’re done with CAM nano procedure!

The progress of discovering nano world is astonishing and unbelievable. Once we have managed atom alignment and enabled CAM operations, we are introduced into new era of nano mechanics and nano devices. The devices will be smaller, at size of some nanometers and consumer goods we use today will be changed totally because you we’re beggining to manufacture at nano scale.  See more photos at here: Images from the IBM Zurich Research center.

IBM CAM nano pattering 1
IBM CAM nano pattering 4 uuu
IBM CAM nano pattering 3 IBM CAM nano pattering 5
IBM CAM nano pattering 6 IBM CAM nano pattering 2

We’re probable at the very beggining of coming into new era of mechanics and also cad/cam industry. The power of nanomanufacturing and nanomechanics is unbelievable and very hard to describe today because there are very little news about it, but imagine nano bearing or nano gear. Once you can manufacture nano mechanical parts, you are able to shrink your devices to nano scale.  Companies will have to develop new tools to handle nano world manufacturing. This is promising for CAD/CAM developers, because inverse kinematics, some of geometrical modelling algorithms will probable remain the same.


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